Osvaldo R. Morales, JD, MSFS, ChFC, CLU

Osvaldo R. Morales, JD, MSFS, ChFC, CLU

Founder & CEO


Leverage Planning Strategies

Empower Your Financial Future

Whether you're an individual or a business owner, meeting important life goals such as retirement and college education for your children can be daunting. Our Leverage Planning Strategies are here to turn these challenges into opportunities.

What We Offer

For those who meet the necessary qualifications, we can help you finance both retirement and college education expenses. This is more than just a financial product; it's a carefully crafted strategy tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose Leverage Planning Strategies?

  • Broad Financial Contingency Plans: This approach is not just about retirement or education; it’s a comprehensive strategy that also addresses estate planning, business succession plans, and more.

  • The Power of Leverage: We use a powerful blend of leverage and stable financial products to maximize your financial possibilities. This enables more predictable returns while also giving you the unique opportunity to use other people's money to meet your financial goals.

Unlock Your Potential

Our plans are designed for professionals, business owners, and individuals who want to create multiple financial contingency options. By leveraging stable financial products, you don't just prepare for the future; you thrive in it.

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