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We realize that the process of applying and sending your children to college is probably one of the most stressful experiences a parent can encounter. Our professional team specializes in developing individualized plans that best meets each student and their family college financial goal. We are experts in helping families prepare and pay for their children’s college education and at the same time to save as much in college costs as possible. We are financial coaches with tools to make the cost of college an affordable reality and to ensure that the associated costs are kept as low as possible.

Independent Educational Consulting Firm

Our state-of-the-art techniques maximize the efficiency of your college tuition dollars throughout the students college career. We help families with the tools and ability to save as much in college costs as possible. They will be able to maximize their abilities to afford a college education for all their children without the burden of having to sacrifice their retirement funds. We understand and work with college forms, financial aid, student loans, cash flow, previous educational plans like 529 plans, etc. In other words, the more you know about what colleges are looking for, the less you will end up paying for your children’s college education.

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We work with you to determine the best approach to financial aid, admissions, and the other challenges facing the parents of college students

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Paying For College

We help families implement tax and financial strategies to master the college costs, including the financial aid system.

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Covering all the complex areas of preparing and paying for the higher education of your children

We help the students get into the college of their choice and we will teach you the most efficient way to pay the least amount for college costs. Parents and families need to be aware of the fact that there is a lot of money available for all families regardless of their income or assests levels. We will teach families about the public and private resources, both local and national that can assist them with college selection, admissions, and funding issues. We educate families about the federal financial aid systems and the importance of filing the FAFSA, Profile and other financial aid forms.

Many parents do not know that without filing the necessary forms they are putting their children’s education in jeopardy of receiving any type of financial aid. Families will also learn and be aware of the many different strategies that could help them reduce the out of pocket expense of a college education by helping them pay for college with potential tax deductible or tax free dollars. We will make parents aware of the financial assistance opportunities available to them regardless of their income or assess levels.

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