Estate Planning

Who Needs Estate Planning?

Who might benefit from the advanced estate planning strategies. If your estate exceeds the federal gift and estate tax exemption, then you should consider speaking with a professional estate planner who may be able to help you minimize estate taxes so that more of your money will go to your loved ones instead of the federal government.

  • Do you want to leave a legacy to grandchildren or later generations? There are specific legal and tax issues that you’ll need to consider
  • If you own a family business or farm, you probably have unique planning concerns that may include transferring your business to your heirs in a way that doesn’t disrupt operations, while taking advantage of special tax breaks.  
  • You’re charitably inclined? A good estate plan may help you arrange charitable gifts in a manner that best suits your financial situation.
  • You want to shield assets from future creditors, an ex-spouse, or your heirs’ creditors / ex-spouses

Is Estate Planning For You?

  • Is estate tax a planning concern for you?
  • Do you plan to give or leave property to your grandchildren?
  • Do you plan to give or leave significant property to charity?
  • Do you own an interest in a business or farm?
  • Is asset protection a concern for you?
  • Do you need to plan for estate taxes?
  • Do you need to plan for property transfers to grandchildren or to charity?
  • Do you have special concerns, such as transferring a business interest or protecting your assets from future creditors or an ex-spouse?

Want to Find Out if Estate Planning is Right For You?

If the answer to any of the questions above is "yes" then we welcome the opportunity to meet with you. We will address any specific concerns or questions that you may have. Let us help you develop a customized estate plan that aligns to your needs and goals. 

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Estate Planning Resources

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