THE SITUATION: David White, 53, & REVTECH Services, Inc.

REVTECH Services, Inc. needed to implement a buy-sell arrangement on behalf of their CEO, David White, 53, to provide for added liquidity for both White and the firm in the event of his departure or death.

THE SOLUTION: Leveraged Planning for Business

Client Centered

REVTECH and Mr. White elected to use a life insurance policy to provide the funding necessary to maintain business continuity and provide compensation for Mr. White’s interest in the business. A commercial loan was chosen as the means of funding the policy premiums.

Using a commercial loan to purchase a life insurance policy enabled REVTECH to reduce out of pocket cash expenditures while still funding the policy sufficiently. REVTECH and Mr. White’s advisor recommended Global Financial Distributors because of their track record, attractive rates and ease of processing and ongoing management.

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Using a Leveraged Planning solution helped REVTECH realize a significant improvement in their projected annual cash flow and provided a buy-sell arrangement to secure an excellent transition strategy for a key executive.

Wealth Creation Case Study

Wealth Creation Case Study

With Leveraged Planning, Mr. Cena structured a funding strategy for his future income needs that would net a lifetime savings of nearly 60% - $2,000,000 compared to using the traditional savings method.

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Premium Financing Case Study

Premium Financing Case Study

Mrs. Collins' estate plans called for a bequest of at least $10 million to each of her three children ($30 million total) - with the balance going into a charitable trust for division among several different organizations. She needs a solution that could help to alleviate the tax burden on her estate.

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