THE SITUATION: Michael Cena, 40

Michael Cena needs at least an expected annual income of $200,000 (pre-tax) for 25 years to retire comfortably.

THE SOLUTION: Leveraged Planning®

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At 40, Michael’s appetite for risk had lessened as his time horizon was shortened substantially. Because of this, he was looking at many options that were likely to produce lower returns than he might have hoped to earn. Narrowing down his options, Michael found himself considering two: a more traditional savings vehicle and a solution his advisor had introduced to him – Leveraged Planning.

Assuming he would earn a conservative rate of return in his retirement years, Michael expected he would need to have a “nest egg” of $2,959,728 by age 65.

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Michael chose the Leveraged Planning solution. He made this choice because his future income needs would be met, he would be protected from downside loss in the markets and he would be able to put his business to work funding his future personal financial needs. The combination of these factors made Leveraged Planning the clear choice for Michael.

Premium Financing Case Study

Premium Financing Case Study

Mrs. Collins' estate plans called for a bequest of at least $10 million to each of her three children ($30 million total) - with the balance going into a charitable trust for division among several different organizations. She needs a solution that could help to alleviate the tax burden on her estate.

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Buy-Sell Case Study

Buy-Sell Case Study

Using a Leveraged Planning solution helped REVTECH realize a significant improvement in their projected annual cash fl ow and provided a buy-sell arrangement to secure an excellent transition strategy for a key executive.

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