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THE SITUATION: Susan Collins, 62

Mrs. Collins' estate plans called for a bequest of at least $10 million to each of her three children ($30 million total) - with the balance going into a charitable trust for division among several different organizations. She needs a solution that could help to alleviate the tax burden on her estate.

THE SOLUTION: Leveraged Planning®

Client Centered

The estate tax for each of the three individual bequests to her children was anticipated to be $3.3 million ($9.9 million in total). Since Mrs. Collins was committed to providing the maximum amount possible to both her children and the charitable organizations she had supported for many years, she needed a solution that could help to alleviate the tax burden on her estate.

After looking at a range of options provided by her financial planner, Mrs. Collins settled on a traditional premium financing arrangement from GFD’s Leveraged Planning Solutions for Individuals offering.

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Using Leveraged Planning® Solutions for Individuals, Mrs. Collins was able to fully fund
her estate planning needs and provide her with the peace of mind she was seeking.

Wealth Creation Case Study

Wealth Creation Case Study

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